God’s Leading

Acts 8:26

“Now an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying, ‘Arise and go toward the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.’ This is desert.”

The leading of the Lord is often impractical.  What we may think is right, God may not.  This is because God is doing MORE than meets the eye.  He has a bigger plan than we have.  Not only that, but God is also working from many different angles.  This is why it is so important to follow His leading even if it doesn’t make sense.

It is important to be clear of His leading as we are prone to move upon emotional or fleshly reasons.  We can want something so bad we imagine God must be in it and leading when in reality it’s just our own plan that we want God to bless.  The best way to avoid this is to ask yourself if you would be ok with a yes or no answer.  Ask yourself if what you really want is God’s will.  Pray through things and don’t make impetuous decisions.  Don’t force things to happen for if it’s the Lords will, it will happen without forcing things.  Enlist Godly friends who can pray also and ask for their advice.  Those who are not emotionally involved in a situation and are mature spiritually will be a big help.  Ask the Lord for confirmation and be in the  Word. This will all help in discerning the Lord’s leading.

In our text we find Philip with clear leading but with unclear reasons.  He may have wondered why he was supposed to go to the desert and what awaited him.  I’m not sure what his thoughts were, but maybe he was excited to see what the Lord was going to do, knowing that God always has something extraordinary at the destination of His leading.  This is exactly what happened to Philip.  While God was leading Phillip, He was also leading an Ethiopian man to find salvation.  As God is leading the Ethiopian, He led Phillip right to him to explain what the Ethiopian was reading in the book of Isaiah.  In the end, the man gets saved and baptized.   God’s leading was God’s blessing.

In the end, there may not be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but if you follow the Lord through simple obedience, you will find much better.  The most satisfying part of the Christian walk is walking in harmony with God.  Matching Him step by step will lead us in constant fulfillment and joy.  God is at the end of every step and where the Lord is, there is fullness of joy and pleasure forevermore.  God’s leading and your following is the ultimate life there is.

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  1. Karla says:

    Hello Pastor Bob,
    God’s leading is exactly what I’ve been praying for. How appropriate for me at this time of seeking His will on a huge life altering decision. This is exactly what I’ve been doing so I can hear Him. I believe He has already answered me and your blog is just another confirmation. The Lord is leading me to relocate to Irving TX from California for my job. I’ll be leaving my parents, siblings and my son behind. It was scary at first but once I knew that is what God has for me I have peace and am no longer afraid. I do still need to have constant confirmation though, just in case it could be me leading instead of Him. Would you please lift me up in prayer…that if the Lord really wants this for me that every door will be open as plans are made and executed? Thank you so much, God bless your ministry.

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