Church Growth

ACTS 12:24- “But the word of God grew and multiplied.”

The early church was in constant awe of God’s work. With nothing to rely on but God Himself, they were moved by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will. The church might have been it’s purest then, being without many of the modern churches tools and techniques. Every day was like watching a parade, wondering what exciting encounter would come next. Things were growing, things were happening and souls were being saved.

Their formula was simple, let the Lord work. Watch what He can and will do. Follow and don’t lead. Follow step by step, walking in agreement with the Lord. I don’t believe it was too difficult to do because there weren’t as many distractions and side shows offered in place of a simple relationship. Persecutions are fertilizer for growth whereas times of ease and comfort seem to bring about complacency and lethargy in the church.

In our text we see the early church growing through the multiplication of the Word. Historically, revivals will center around God’s Word. An interest in it, a desire to know it and to do it. This is what builds the church. The work of God can’t be manipulated or contrived, but it can be multiplied by a commitment to the teaching of it. There is a big difference between teaching FROM the Word and actually teaching the Word. We have the assurance that the Word of God will not return void or empty. It is a powerful weapon and will have a a great impact on those who turn to it in faith.


THE LESSON here is that the Word of God must be central to your life, to your church communities and activities. Be careful of replacing the Word with other superficial things. The Word is not replaceable and nothing will do what it can do.

Commit to it, build upon it, watch it grow and watch it multiply. This is the simple formula of the church that turned the world upside down, and it will turn your world upside down too. Watch and see God work through it. 

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